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Your money in college

“Ignorance is not the lack of intelligence, it is  the lack of knowledge on a particular subject”. –  Dave Ramsey, “Financial Peace“ College Students are studying calculus, history and statistics but most are not learning the fundamental money lessons needed in the real world. Here are some money lessons every ...

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If Kamea blogs, then we gonna be alright

Kamea's Corner

Did you catch that Kendrick Lamar reference? Well, if you didn’t, I suggest you look it up. There will be more music references where that came from. My name is Kamea Ferguson and I am a freshman here at APSU. Through this blog, you will read my thoughts on pretty much anything ...

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Adulting 101: Five recipes every young adult should know

Maybe it will be a date and you really want to impression the other person. Maybe your parents will want to come and visit your new apartment (that you totally picked out using advice from last week’s blog). Maybe you will have a little extra money one week and want ...

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Active Minds sends silence packing

APSU's Active Minds chapter hosts its first Send Silence Packing event. The event was displayed in APSU's UC Plaza to bring awareness to mental health across college campuses.

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