This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

It is that time of the year again: the time of year when you carve pumpkins and empty their guts on the plastic bags beside you.

This is the time of year where all great things are made, like candy corn and pumpkin spice products. The chilly weather and knee-high boots make falling in love with fall a pleasure.

From pumpkin patches to corn mazes and friendly competition between people trying to design the best jack o’ lantern. Halloween has always been a holiday that was able to stand out and be unique. It has given individuals the ability to be whatever they want for a single night.

Although Halloween is jam packed with fun and goodies, this is a year where people struggle with the risks at large events. With the recent acts of violence that have broken out around the nation’s small communities’ moments of joy are left joyless when faced with lost loved ones.

Halloween seems as though it is harmless with children playing dress up in their mom’s makeup and having fun when the sun goes down, but what happens when a small innocent event turns dangerous and weapons are drawn?

Even with recent acts of terror people on campus still seem to have their guards down and feel they are safe. “Yes… we always have to be cautious about things, but I am not really the type to really worry,” freshman education major Madison Smith said.

The APSU community should be preparing students on how to act in the response to a terror attack.

Many students will be celebrating this festive time of year the same way senior automotive engineering technology major Donald Theodore attending a “Halloween party… There is always certain risk each year with Halloween, but yes, I feel it is safe.”

When walking the streets on Halloween, everyone should keep their eyes and ears open, for no one broadcasts dangerous environments until the damage is already done. The nation should try to bring awareness to safety relevant to possible trick or treating or Halloween party incidents.