The Student Government Association is holding elections for its Executive Council this week beginning Monday, March 30.

Chief Justice Will Roberts is running unopposed for the presidential seat. The candidates for vice president include Sen. Gary Brewer, Sen. Tabitha Montague and Sen. Ankit Patel. The Executive Secretary candidates include Tribunal Justice Baylee Farrar and Sen. Faith Merriweather.

During the SGA meeting Wednesday March, 25, SGA passed two resolutions and two acts, and the Senate discussed legislation.

Act No. 4, sponsored by Sen. Ryan Honea aims to have equal representation of colleges throughout the Senate by having the proportional number of senators per college. “The act would represent the students more,” Honea said.

In debate, Sen. Austin McKain voiced his concern that the senators representing the colleges with lower population will have less of a chance to represent their colleges on the Executive Board. The act was passed with four opposing votes and two abstentions.

With 22 senators in favor, Act No. 5 passed. The act coincides with Act No. 4, as it requires a biannual committee to examine numbers to see if the senators representing their colleges are proportional to the student populations in each college.

After passing the two acts, SGA voted to pass resolutions No. 19 and No. 20.

Sponsored by Sen. Chad Plumber, Resolution No. 19 passed with only one abstention. The resolution will send a formal letter of recommendation to the Campus Safety and Roads Committee suggesting they pave a sidewalk exiting the Sundquist Science Complex onto Eighth Street.

Resolution No. 20, sponsored by Sen. Blaine Gunderson, will send a formal letter of recommendation to the Physical Plant asking to paint a crosswalk near Marion Street connecting Greek Village to Castle Heights Residence Hall.

In new business, four legislations were presented.

Resolution No. 21, sponsored by Sen. Glenna Beaty, asks to develop a task force to rethink the Peay Pickup, because with the purchase of the Jenkins and Wynne lot, more parking spaces will be created, expanding campus.

Sponsored by Sen. Ankit Patel, Resolution No. 22 would send a formal letter of recommendation to the Campus Safety and Roads Committee to fix potholes on the intersection of Ninth Street and College Street.

Sponsored by Faith Merriweather, Resolution No. 23 suggests that the crosswalk on Browning Drive that connects the Felix G. Woodward Library and Clement Building be more visible.

Sponsored by Sen. Julia Matthews, Resolution No. 24 would send a formal letter of recommendation to the Physical Plant requesting the addition of a flashing pedestrian sign for the crosswalk connecting the Music and Mass Communication and Kimbrough Buildings to the sidewalk of the Trahern parking lot.

SGA President Zac Gillman reflected on The Big Event and announced the statistics gathered from the post-event survey.

Gillman claimed 100 percent of people would like to see The Big Event become an annual event on campus.

Ending the meeting, Gillman unofficially declared that SGA will financially support the Student Organization Council as they seek to provide APSU’s organizations with support money. SGA will give SOC $30,000, and in return, SGA will have more representers on SOC. TAS