Yesterday, Spotify Wrapped released where users get a deep dive into their most memorable listening moments of the year. Released annually since 2016, Wrapped is considered a national holiday for some as it breaks down a users listening minutes, music personality, top artists, and top songs.

“I had 40,884 minutes,” said Xavier Butler, junior, psychology major. “My top artists were Juice WRLD, BROCKHAMPTON, Logic, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.”

One of the most popular and beloved features of Spotify Wrapped is the compilation of a users top songs.

“I had a total of 37,779 minutes and I like that it provides me with a playlist with my top 100 songs during the year,” said Kevin Tran, freshman, criminal justice major.

The viral marketing campaign also encourages users to share their Wrapped on social media with a click of a button to post to most popularly, Instagram, or to message to friends and family.

“I shared my Wrapped with several friends and posted them on my social media accounts,” said Kitana Ramsey, senior, history major. “I had 62 different genres with 1,216 artists.”

Recently, Spotify Wrapped has become less of a breakdown of data and more of an expression of art for users. Scientifically, sharing music isn’t uncommon and makes our brains feel good. Literally.

“Music has been linked to dopamine release, involved in regulating mood and craving behavior, which seems to predict music’s ability to bring us pleasure. Coupled with the effects on endorphins, music seems to make us feel good and connect with others,” according to a 2016 article form Greater Good Magazine at UC Berkeley.

“I like looking at others (Wrapped) because I feel music says a lot about someone and gives us a look into their personality that they might not be willing to share verbally,” said Ramsey.

Not only does it make users feel connected but it also gives users a sense of identity, which makes perfect sense why many turn to Spotify for their listening needs. With music specifically tailored to users through their Discover Weekly or to the grand finale that is Spotify Wrapped.

To view your Spotify Wrapped and discover your music personality, download the Spotify mobile app and subscribe.