Since the Pharos Print management system was implemented on campus May 31, APSU’s contribution to sustainability has shown marked improvement.

Outgoing SGA President Ryan Honea and Director of Academic Support Martin Golson calculated the effort’s impact on the environment based on the cases of paper the university has purchased compared to the past three years.

This year, APSU purchased 920 fewer cases, which equals 23 tons. As it relates to the environment, this means:

• 467,187 gallons of water saved

• 52,394 pounds of solid waste reduction

• 130,870 pounds of greenhouse gas emission reduction

• 256,082 kWh of energy saved, enough to power an average household for 19 years and two months

• 552 trees saved

“As an environmentalist, it is gratifying to have the numbers confirm what the Pharos Task Force suspected would happen,” Pharos Task Force Coordinator Laura Prange said. “My hope is that students take pride in having accepted the change and realize that small things can make a big difference.”

Prange said print management systems on other campuses have seen similar results, but that APSU is showing signs of further progression.

“There is momentum growing in departments all over campus to save paper by going digital,” Prange said. “They find they are saving money too.”

Pharos is part of the university’s continued environmental efforts, along with events like Plant the Campus Red.

“The university is going green in so many ways,” Prange said. “Look for an APSU Sustainability website in the fall to learn all about it.”