TaterHeadz LLC Buffalo Chicken Ranch and Honey BBQ Tater bowls in Clarksville, TN

As Valentine’s Day approaches, everyone is looking for the perfect spot to spend quality time with their partners or even by themselves.

Good food brings good vibes but, as college students, money can be really tight, especially paying out of pocket from books to tuition.

However, a night of fun and love doesn’t have to cost too much.

Austin Peay being in the heart of Clarksville, means that there are a lot of inexpensive food options.

Wilma Rudolph is one of the busiest boulevards, yet it holds some of the most reasonably priced restaurants.

First up, if you are looking for a nice restaurant that is not expensive, I recommend: Raffertys for their great chicken tenders, Old Chicago for great pizza and wings, LongHorn if you’re craving a nice steak, Olive Garden for their magnificent breadsticks and Cheddars for the delicious honey butter croissants.

However, if you are looking for a place with a vibe, or maybe you prefer to grab and go, I recommend: Bonfire Mongolian Grill, Casa Blanca Mexican Restuarant, West Coast Taco Shop, and TaterHeadz, which are all right down the street from APSU. Take it to-go and enjoy the Cumberland River walk.

“As long as the food is good, you cannot go wrong with a grab and go, especially in the Clarksville area. Wilma Rudolph is the G.O.A.T,” said Lashadia Conner, a senior art major.

Now, Nashville is not off the list, for those who like to travel around, and enjoy great service.

Sixty Vine on Broadway is not only inexpensive, but the view from all angles gives you the opportunity to see what the city of Nashville has to offer. From the great music to the laughs of those outside shopping and chatting, this is the place to bring your Valentine.

“There are so many places in Clarksville you can dine at on a college budget. Expensive does not mean the best. Most people enjoy good food and the little things,” said Conner.