Kelsey Story | Staff Writer

When you go to college for the very first time, you may get an option to stay in a dorm. Anyone can live in a dorm whether he or she is close or far away from home. Some students think that living on campus can be a scary experience, but there are advantages for staying in a dorm.

For one thing, living on campus can help you stay connected with events and organizations. When I was living on campus, I became connected to a variety of organizations because I could walk to the meetings easily. When you become connected to an organization or club, you are also connecting with friends and the actions and activities of the organizations and clubs. I love to be involved and have fun and that is one of the reasons why I stayed in a dorm.

According to “The Great Debate: To Live On-Campus or Off-Campus” on, a meal plan is also a part of living on campus so you have a variety of options to choose for a meal.

You do not have to be concerned over eating in your dorm all the time when you can eat your meal on campus and you would not have to waste a lot of money on food.

Another benefit about living on campus is that it is easier to walk to class on time. This way, if you are in a hurry, you would not have to rush into the classroom when you think that you will be late. It is also easier to work on homework on campus than anywhere else. You can have extra study time and you can achieve better grades on work or tests.

You are also able to connect with new friends and enjoy campus life. I have made tons of friends while staying on campus and it helped me to learn more about them and even learn more about college. At first, I was nervous of moving away from home, but now I have begun to feel like I am at home at campus.

Living off campus, like in an apartment, can involve more responsibility. “Most leases for off-campus residences are 12 months long,” Farren Powell said in her US News article. “On top of that, living off campus might also mean paying for electricity, gas and water bills. Unlike apartments, most dormitories don’t require a security deposit.”

It is true, because when you rent a dorm, you do not necessarily have to pay for utilities or expenses. You have already paid for it.

It was much easier for me to live on campus than to be dropped off to school every morning. I prefer to walk to class and not have to worry about being late. When staying on campus, you can be on a road to success while finishing your work much faster and getting to know college life.