The Walk Of History, Leading Towards The Center Of APSU’s Campus | Photo By Jaylon Gonzales

Are you a new student at Austin Peay State University? Do you know how to get campus news, see events going on, or where the Caf is? Never fear; whether you’re a first-time freshman, nontraditional or transfer student, we have a list of resources and things to know to help you navigate APSU. 

There are quite a few apps and sites that make your life more convenient and can give you important information about stuff happening on campus. PeayLink is a website that highlights student organizations and events happening on campus, plus it lets you track your involvement within organizations. 

Peaymobile is an app APSU students can use to access their class information and assignments. You can also join campus discussions to connect with your peers and chat with friends. Another resource is the Foy Fitness app, which allows you to register for events at the Foy Center, view their schedule, have your member bar code on your phone, and see the live facility count.

Austin Peay State University also has a plethora of resources to help your transition to campus easier. APSU offers resources for people with disabilities, people of Latinx heritage and Non-Traditional Students. All of these services have offices located in the basement of the Morgan University Center. APSU also offers career services in the MUC. 

APSU offers free health resources to currently enrolled students, both for physical and mental health. The Ard Building is located off College Street and provides counseling and health care to students by appointment. 

The Newton Military Family Resource Center provides help for both active duty and retired veterans and their families, as well as ROTC students. Located off College Street the NMFRC advocates for military students and has a computer and lounge area open to all students. They also run the Texts for Vets program, allowing for the free rental of textbooks to military students. 

The Learning Resource Center is open to all APSU students and provides resources to students struggling academically. Peer tutoring is available through the Learning Resource Center, and is available for most core and upper-division courses. The Writing Center is also available through the Learning Resource Center to help students write their papers and improve their writing. 

APSU has a lot of places to eat and hang out in between classes. For Honors Students, the Honors Common is a cozy place to hang out and study, and is open 24/7 with ID access. The Foy Fitness Center is open throughout the semester to APSU students, providing a place to work out and take fitness classes. 

The Morgan University Center is at the heart of campus. A lot of student engagement events are hosted there, and the UC also provides food and a place to talk with friends. The library is also an available place to study and hang out in between classes, and has a Starbucks on the main floor.