At the beginning of the semester the new Military Student Center (MSC) opened the doors to its new location. It is now currently located right next door to Johnny’s Big Burger restaurant on College Street.

The new facility is reminiscent of a USO (United Services Organization) center at an airport or military base. It has that warm and welcoming feel to it that is familiar to veterans and current service members who are attending APSU.

Alex Arriaga is a senior majoring in Computer Science and a five year Army veteran. While utilizing the VA work study program he is part of the center that will be beneficial to so many veterans and students.

“There are many systems and resources available to our veterans and their families,” Arriga said.

The center is open to all APSU students, not just veterans, and it can be a great place to unwind and relax.

There are many features to the MSC that can be advantageous to students that they may not be aware of.

There is a new computer lab which of course has online access. It also has a printer and CAC (Common Access Card) readers, for those who may need to utilize them.

A large dining area is available, with free coffee, where students can eat, study, and connect with their peers between or after classes.

Separate conversation and conference rooms are also available, for private discussions or meetings.

The facility is currently in the process of obtaining a large screen television that can be used for watching movies and other forms of entertainment in the near future.

There are currently a few resources and programs located in the building such as the Military Family Resource Center. Other programs and resources, like Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E) will soon be relocated to the location as well, with the potential for more in the future.

For students looking for an alternate location other than the dorms or the library to attend zoom classes and conduct research for assignments, the MSC has an inviting atmosphere that is open to all.