The United States government is currently shut down. According to CNN, this is the longest partial federal shut-down with no end in sight.

Shutdown typically occurs when the president or Congress continuously fail to sign or pass the legislature. It seems that it is generally a tactic used by one party to force the other into some form of compromise.

Unfortunately, when this happens the basic amenities and necessities of government-funded projects and welfare are neglected until a decision is reached.

The situation now is becoming absurd and worrisome.

One of the major results of this shutdown is that federal employees are not being paid. This effects TSA agents, national park officials and social workers.  CNN estimates that 380,000 federal employees are forced to stay home during the shutdown, while 420,000 must work without pay.

Imagine having to work without pay, while your family starves. This is America.

A federal employee is having to ration her insulin. This is America.

D.C area federal employees are having to visit food banks.

Federal workers are not allowed to file for unemployment because, technically, they still have a job. They are also being punished for calling out of work and using sick days. The few workers that do qualify for unemployment will be expected to pay that money back.

Immigration courts are mostly closed due to the shutdown, making the journey to immigrate legally even more difficult. Additionally, this imposes on those already being processed and prolongs the time it takes to welcome new immigrants because the courts are backed up. The added stress on top of an already sticky situation.

This is underhanded and undermines the legitimacy of legal immigration only making it more difficult for those who want to enter legally.

The shutdown has influenced national parks, many of which are closed until funding is restored. The few parks that are open are running on little to no staff. Trash cans are overflowing, vandalism is occurring – our national parks are being neglected; to what degree?

The FDA has also taken a steep hit because of funding shortages.

The New York Times revealed the FDA has halted routine safety inspections because of funding shortages.

The people who are responsible for the shutdown get paid regardless of how long this altercation goes on. It appears like a shutdown has little to no real consequence or weight to the people who decided to it was necessary.

This began when President Donald Trump pushed for funding to build his wall to deter illegal immigration. He requested nearly $5.5 billion for this project.

Democrats refused to fund such an audacious project that many believed would not be effective.

Negotiations have not gone well for ending the shutdown either. BBC reported that President Trump asked Speaker Pelosi, “Will you agree to my wall?’’ She said no. President Trump then replied, “Then we have nothing discuss,” and left.

People close to the President have claimed that this is a famous negotiation tactic. Speaker Pelosi also said she felt that the meeting was a setup.

Unfortunately, while the mind games and tactics continue, working Americans are looking for a small ray of hope during the almost month-long debacle.

It does not look like they will receive any such solace from Congress or the president.

This is a Republican shutdown. The Republican Party could end the shutdown if they wanted to, but it does not affect them as heavily. This is the main reason that they do not feel it necessary to end the hostilities.

Schumer said that “You are using the people as leverage.’’ Frankly, he is right. The president has the country in a stranglehold and is refusing to be reasoned with.

This shutdown is a hostage situation in which the President is holding the American people’s livelihood captive and using it to further his own ideology.

President Trump stated, “I am proud to shut down the government for border security.” He has also refuted any legislation that would end the shut down because there would still be little to no funding for his wall.

While there is much truth to the statement, the Senate, which is controlled by a Republican majority, could easily end the shutdown.

Regrettably, the Senate has decided to support President Trump and the ongoing shutdown instead of working toward any bipartisan legislation that would end the ongoing predicament.

Regardless of who compromises regular Americans as always will suffer and foot the bill for the government’s shortcomings.

There does not seem to be an end in sight for this shutdown. Closing in on 24 days, this is the longest government shutdown in history.