Our vote already did not count once, when we voted for Peay X originally, so what makes students’ votes count now?

On the Ohio Valley Conference website, there is a mascot challenge featuring The Governor instead of Peay X.

I wonder how APSU would feel if The Governor was voted in first place, but the OVC decided they were going to choose the winner, which is exactly how many APSU students feel.

Even though the APSU students, faculty and community voted for Peay X, APSU has given us The Governor.

Peay X had 64 percent of the votes and it was said that Peay X would be attending athletic events and anything APSU related, while The Gov would be at community service events.

Since then, Peay X has only been spotted twice. One was at a Lady Govs basketball game last semester, while the other was on National Signing Day.

If it were Peay X in the running, this article would be encouraging students to take pride in the mascot we voted for and to choose to represent our school, but that is not the case.

APSU Athletics Department even said on Dec. 18, they would reveal the whereabouts of Peay X, but never did.

The Governor did not kidnap him, and nobody is going to fill out a missing persons report because in reality it is a mascot and not a human. The milk carton and PR stunt is over, and we want Peay X back.

The bottom line is 64 percent of APSU faculty, staff and community voted for Peay X and APSU Athletics Department decided they would still give us The Governor anyway.

If my vote did not count in APSU’s eyes, then I cannot say for certain if it will count in an OVC competition either.