APSU student Lucas Arnold works on their MacBook in the Morgan University Center Monday, January 29, 2024. Students using MacBooks and similar Apple devices experienced issues with D2L while using Google’s Chrome browser.

Imagine being a student that has procrastinated your homework until the weekend, and when you login to your Mac computer to finally do that dreaded quiz, it doesn’t work at all. The entire quiz feature and D2L as a whole experienced intermittent freezing for the entirety of Saturday and Sunday.

That’s exactly what many students experienced this past weekend if they were using an Apple device and the Google Chrome browser together. The problem was so evident that the university sent out a mass announcement on the platform to address it.

The official statement from APSU quoted the instance “as a byproduct of scheduled updates in D2L,” and suggested using a different device and/or browser to temporarily resolve the problem.

However, freezing screens wasn’t the only issue that resulted. Honorlock and Exemity, the primary forms of online proctoring at APSU, only work with Google Chrome, meaning proctored exams are unable to be taken. As a result, students have been advised to reschedule exams and contact teachers if their exams were affected.

APSU has since pushed out another announcement, this one claiming the issue to be resolved but to have patience.

Despite this, many students are still reporting issues, including both freezing and problems relating to the content of online quizzes, which are displaying as integers and variable inputs rather than valid answer selections.

APSU freshman Ethan Morgan has been facing issues since Saturday. Morgan is still facing the same problems today, saying, “the D2L Mac issue is absolutely not resolved.”

Fellow freshman Jackson Fowler faced similar issues. “I missed a quiz worth 60 points because of it, and I don’t even know if my teacher is going to let me make it up,” said Fowler, “I still can’t get it to load.”

APSU and D2L are working to correct the problem.