The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is coming to Los Angeles from June 14 to 16.

Some of the biggest events have already been announced online, most notably Nintendo’s announcement of their new console: the Nintendo NX. However, Nintendo recently pulled back on showcasing the NX during this conference, shifting the focus to the new Zelda game that has been rescheduled for release in 2017.

As exciting as new consoles can be, this is a good call on Nintendo’s part. The WiiU is still a very new console. It only came out in 2015, and adding another console to the lineup might leave players divided. As for the new Zelda game, despite initial disappointment, the fans haven’t been too up-in-arms about the delay. A rushed game will always be bad, but a delayed game has the possibility to make itself great.

Nintendo isn’t the only one with new hardware, however, as it has been rumored that XBox will premiere a new controller at E3. The XBox Elite controller has a design rumored to be similar to the current controller design, but with a new D-pad design that looks more like a grid and, according to Microsoft, “a new color.”

Playstation’s VR headset is also rumored to be on the table for E3, going on sale for 400 dollars in October. Playstation expects 50 games to be released for their new virtual reality console between its release in October and the end of 2016, including a new version of one of their most popular games, Star Wars Battlefront. Hopefully we’ll get more information related to this new software in June.

Bethesda, publishers of such popular games as The Elder Scrolls and the FallOut series, have not been clear on what they will be talking about at this year’s E3, although we know they will be in attendance. Some fans hope for an announcement about a new Elder Scrolls game while other sources such as Master Herald dispute these claims. They argue that information about Elder Scrolls Online’s new DLC, Tamriel Unlimited is more likely to be the topic of discussion rather than a whole new game. Of course, it’s possible that Bethesda has something entirely different up their sleeves!

More rumors have circulated online about publisher Rockstar Game’s future with the Red Dead Redemption series. Since they are reportedly done with Grand Theft Auto games, fans have speculated that a new Red Dead Redemption game may be in the works after what appears to be a Red Dead map has been leaked online.

For me personally, I just want more information from Square Enix about where the heck Kingdom Hearts 3 is. We’ve been waiting since 2005, darn it!

Whatever happens at this year’s E3, you can keep updated with all the information here on Games, Galaxies and Other Geekery. Look for our full coverage this June for all announcements, surprises, and awkward moments.