Graphic by Anabelle Coker | The All State

Don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Here are some cheap but fun public date ideas to celebrate the day.  

Hiking and Stargazing: What can be better than a nice hike through nature, like at Dunbar Cave or the Cliffs, and then ending the night by stargazing with your significant other? This is very romantic and free, making it a simple but fun date for Valentine’s Day. 

Candle-light Picnic: This one can tie into the first date idea. A candle-lit picnic out in nature is a perfectly romantic way to spend the evening with your partner. All you need is a few candles (can be real or fake; if you use real ones be careful taking them out into nature), a picnic blanket and both you and your partner’s favorite foods. 

Bowling: Bowling is a cheap and easy activity for Valentine’s Day. It adds a competitive aspect to your date while still maintaining a fun environment. You don’t have to be good at bowling to still have fun. 

Ice or Roller Skating: With the opening of the Ford Ice Center, there is now a fun, new activity to turn into date material—ice skating. Clarksville also has a roller skating rink at Magic Wheels Fun Center that would make for a fun date. 

Food-Truck Hunting: Clarksville has been struck with an abundance of food trucks recently which would make food-truck hunting an adventurous and unique date. You can look up food trucks on Facebook and find out where they will be. Driving around with your significant other/date to look for food trucks is a fun bonding experience and a cheap way to spend your Valentine’s Day. 

Car Concert: This one can be paired with food-truck hunting or it could be a fun thing to do on its own as well. A car concert is simple: all you need is a car with an audio system and a playlist. You and your date can drive around town in no particular direction, blast music and sing to your heart’s content. This is best done during sunset or at night when the city of Clarksville is all lit up.