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Letter to the Editor

» Kathleen Dehring It is the fall semester and my fellow students, I know that we are busy trying to acclimate to new classes and adjust to different time schedules. However, I want to take a moment to mention that at the time of my writing this, it is 63 ...

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Campaign spending a waste of resources

» Ronniesia Reed –rreed24@my.apsu.edu The 2012 presidential campaign season has been the most expensive to date. With hundreds of millions of dollars being spent, you have to wonder if all of this spending is really necessary. With all of the poverty and financial problems in America, most Americans could be ...

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Don’t get drunk on campus, get better grades

» Patrick Pierce ppierce3@my.apsu.edu As everyone should know, APSU is a dry campus; which means alcohol consumption and possession on university property is not allowed. It is not just an APSU policy, but also applies to all other Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) schools and most other schools in Tennessee. ...

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9/11 Reflection

It has been 11 years since 9/11 happened. For many students, this is becoming less of a memory and becoming more a part of history. Fewer students can recall what they were doing when it happened. A current Freshman at the time of 9/11 was only in first or second ...

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40 years teaching religious diversity

» By Linda Sapp –lsapp@my.apsu.edu We all know life is an empty equation without learning and experiences. Philosophy professor Albert Randall, who earned the APSU National Alumni Association’s Distinguished Professor Award in 2011, attempts to teach students using both. Randall was recognized for teaching at APSU for 40 years, and ...

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Going green is not easy but it’s worth the effort

» Patrick Pierce –ppierce3@my.apsu.edu You may have heard the term ‘going green’ and seen signs around campus pointing out that our campus is going green, however, you may not be sure what that means. When people refer to going green, they are usually talking about using Earth’s limited resources more ...

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