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Kony 2012: Where is your money going?

» Ashlie talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu Recently, a new video about the situation in Uganda has gone viral. Kony 2012 is calling us to do something to stop the man who is behind the killings and forced sexual labor happening there right now, Joseph Kony. Although I have yet to meet ...

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Infidelity redefined by technology

» Trynica daniels – tdaniels8@my.apsu.edu By the time young adults begin college, many have already been in relationships and experienced the nasty phenomenon of a breakup. Breakups can occur for a number of reasons, but one of the most devastating reasons for a breakup — one that crushes self-esteem and ...

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Tattoos, body piercings may limit job opportunities

» andy wolf – awolf@my.apsu.edu When I was 16, I got my first tattoo. Luckily, my parents were getting a divorce, so nobody seemed to notice. I eventually got more, each tattoo drawn by myself or my sister. Each piece was a symbol of an era I felt was important ...

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Spring break options offer chances for growth

» patrick pierce – ppierce3@my.apsu.edu Spring break is the most anticipated week for college students. This is a week when a college student mentally pictures beaches and sun, having a good time and simply being away from anything related to school work. It’s the idea of “getting away from it ...

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What do you think society expects from you?

You have to dress a certain way. It’s really about the style. The most acceptable style is a buttoned down shirt, jeans that are the correct size and Sperrys. The more expensive it looks, the better.” — Brian Hartley, freshman History major As a man, you have to have goals ...

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Ad industry promotes impossible body image

» ashlie talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu We all know how Photoshop can transform a person from ordinary to extraordinary. We’re all outraged by the degree to which magazines and other media outlets hide the natural appearance of their models and actresses. It gives a false idea of beauty that is unachievable, ...

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