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Supreme Court strip-search ruling violates arrestees’ rights, privacy

» ronniessia reed – rreed24@my.apsu.edu How would you feel if you were taken to jail and the police decided they wanted to strip search you? No reason for it, they just wanted to conduct an all-out strip search on you. Well, recently the Supreme Court passed a law that made ...

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Change hindered by radical protests

» trynica daniels – tdainels8@my.apsu.edu In my English class, we learned there is such a thing as “excessive love.” Examining William Yeats’s poem “Easter 1916,” we found once again the value of old literature truly lies in its ability to connect with later generations. The Yeats poem may have been ...

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Grasping procrastination: the first step in defeating it

» PATRICK PIERCE – ppierce3@my.apsu.edu Procrastination: It’s that dreadful word which seems to be first in nearly every college student’s vocabulary. We’ve all done it at least once; whether it’s watching the latest episode of “Jersey Shore,” hanging out with friends, texting your BFF or just catching up on sleep ...

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Secular Humanist group attends Reason Rally in D.C.

» BRYAN TIDWELL Last week I was lucky enough to travel with a group of APSU students and several citizens from the local community to participate in the Reason Rally. With official attendance estimates upwards of 10,000, the Reason Rally was easily the largest secular event in history. On Saturday, ...

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Healthcare bill small sacrifice for Americans

» ronniesia reed – rreed24@my.apsu.edu Health insurance is something every American should have. In some cases it can be hard to obtain health insurance, and who really wants to pay those medical bills on their own? In March 2010, President Obama’s healthcare reform bill was passed by Congress. The Affordable ...

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CDC ads clear air for smokers

» patrick pierce – ppierce3@my.apsu.edu I’ve been surrounded by smoking all my life, yet have never partaken in smoking myself. My dad was a heavy smoker for many years, but last Christmas he offered the greatest Christmas present one could give to his family — to stop smoking entirely. He ...

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