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SGA election process needs to be overhauled.

If the SGA election were less of a popularity contest and the candidates were able to broadcast their opinions for campus to see instead of a 16 minute debate, there would be more voters and students would be more interested in who was their student body president.

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Introducing the class of 2016

Pessimism prevails regarding job opportunities for new college graduates in light of an improving economy. Editorial board members share their thoughts, fears and hope as they prepare to merge with the real world.

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Products designed to combat natural hair generate an industry worth upwards of $700 million, but maintaining natural hair could cost a person their job. It's a no-win situation for the black community, who until less than sixty years ago couldn't vote and are now being "let-go" under the guise of having "inappropriate" hair.

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Free Kesha

Kesha's ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke and Sony has become a battleground for Kesha's very autonomy. While the contractual bindings are what are being challenged and sexual abuse used as an example of why Kesha no longer wishes to be legally tied to Dr. Luke, the heart of the matter lies in contract taking precedent over Kesha's well-being.

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