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Up in smoke: a look into e-cigarettes

Vaping is something everyone has heard of in recent years. There is a lot of concern about its popularity considering that vaping and its effects are not well understood yet. Vaping among teens has gained attention recently because it has become so widespread and the risks for teens are now ...

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Kickoff guide to the 2020 presidential election

With the presidential election less than a year away, Democrats have come out of the woodworks to run against President Trump in 2020. There has never been a female president nor a Latino president or one that is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. As of Mar. 25, there are ...

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Long live the vaccination: why the vaccine should be celebrated

A danger to the world. A denial of years of studying has led to outbreaks of diseases that can be prevented. A lack of understanding and fear has led to a movement of people that does not believe in the benefits of vaccines and the beauty of horrific diseases being ...

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Ignorance is not a defense of law

Radonda Leanne Vaught is the Vanderbilt nurse who has been charged with reckless homicide for the death of a patient in December 2017 that was caused by her giving the wrong, high-risk medication. Vaught should not be charged with reckless homicide though because there were many other factors involved leading to ...

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Foot traffic takes over university food court

The ever constant lunch rush continues for students. There have been changes to the setup of the food court that have caused new issues. Things like wait time and noise have become an increasing problem for the students who depend on dining services for their meals. Chick-fil-A was remodeled over ...

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Creative underdogs of Black History Month

When it comes to the black community, people tend to focus on the trendsetters; fashion icons, such as Beyonce or Rihanna, basketball players from Stephen Curry to Lebron James. No one ever seems to put focus on the real underdogs: black creators. They are the underdogs because they are known ...

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