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Our Take

Introducing the class of 2016

Pessimism prevails regarding job opportunities for new college graduates in light of an improving economy. Editorial board members share their thoughts, fears and hope as they prepare to merge with the real world.

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Our Take: Progress always wins

When there's a cause worth fighting for, people have proven they will make the sacrifices necessary for the sake of progression for everyone. Collaborative our take from editorial board members of The All State.

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The next president faces big challenges

» The All State Editorial Board Barack Obama or Mitt Romney are not going to have much time to celebrate victory after either of them wins the 2012 presidential election. While it may be exciting after either of them wins the vote of the people, they have a lot of ...

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Energy efficiency on campus to save budget millions

Gregory Jones | Staff Writer My time here has spanned most of the last decade, so I feel comfortable discussing the university’s actions in regards to conservation and remain assured I am not narrowly selecting a small sample of its history. The university’s energy efficiency has been outdated for the ...

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Personality changes, growth a reflection of our relationships

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor As someone who’s been in a relationship with the same guy for an excessively long amount of time, I’ve found the lines between the person I am now and the person I was before him are usually faded at best. It would take days ...

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Airport security changes a welcomed improvement by many

Jenelle Gewell | News Editor I am no stranger to flying. With family and friends all around the country, I am more comfortable on an airplane than I am on a school bus. Nashville Internatinal Airport began to use full body scanners, which allows passengers to get through security with ...

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