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Christmas flicks

So, Christmas is coming up, and everywhere you look you will find Christmas themed items. Netflix is no different; I think this year is the most I have ever seen them do for a holiday. There are countless Christmas films and, let’s face it, most of them are pretty bad. ...

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New in November

This week I have what’s new and worth watching on Netflix. All of these programs hit Netflix this month and have had some great buzz. “Anna Karenina” – This is the third great film from director Joe Wright staring Keira Knightley. This is an epic love story that shows what ...

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Greatest Hits Blog

For this week I have decided to look back and pick my top 5 favorite films that I have reviewed. That way I can try and convince you to watch them one more time. Lets just get right into it, shall we?   “Snowpiercer” — This post-apocalyptic film takes you on the ...

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Halloween Favorites

Halloween is next weekend, and it is my favorite holiday, mainly because I have a good reason to watch my favorite horror movies. This week, I have selected five classic Halloween favorites that are streaming on Netflix. First is Hellraiser, a 1987 classic focus on a box that is a ...

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