The APSU College of Business hosted a speaking engagement for the school’s accounting students. The guest speaker was Brad Withrow, a member of APSU’s College of Business Advisory Board.

Withrow is also an alumnus of APSU graduating in 1988 as an accounting major. The College of Business introduced Withrow to the stage by letting the audience know his accomplishments in the accounting world.

“I am glad to be back to APSU to be able to talk to students about life after college,” Withrow said. “I have so many great academic memories because of how active my professors were with my education.”

Withrow opened his speech by getting introductions from each one of the audience members because he said he wanted get a better idea of everyone’s background. The first item discussed was about how a student must be able to convert to what comes next after they graduate.

Withrow said the main focus of how to adjust to a post college life is to find what someone may be passionate about.

“In order to avoid what could be called a burnout with your profession you must able to get invested in your field,” Withrow said.

Withrow told the audience the accounting field can be demanding and can require a lot of hours devoted to it.

Diversity in the workplace was also discussed, as Withrow has seen firsthand the growing diversity in the accounting field. He added that diversity makes a team better than one that is homogenous.

“It is very encouraging to hear about growing diversity in the work place,” junior accounting major Ashlee Johns said. “You hear more reports of women obtaining positions of power as time goes on, and I think that is a wonderful thing.”

Withrow also discussed how to prepare for a job interview.

“All it can take is 30 minutes of preparation in a company when you are applying for to help you stand out,” Withrow said.

Withrow closed his time by taking questions from the audience that covered a wide variety of topics.

Withrow discussed global thinking in accounting. He said it does not take a large firm to allow you to think on a global scale.

“It is an honor to serve on the Advisory Board here at APSU,” Withrow said. “Obtaining AACSB accreditation was a goal of one of my favorite professors, and I wanted to help that goal along.”

Hunter Abrams | Photography and Video Staff