The Department of Language and Literature is kicking off a Film Genre Festival that will screen every Tuesday in October in the Art + Design Theatre.

The theme is science fiction. Screenings will include an introduction from a different guest speaker each week.

Dr. Jill Franks is a professor of Language and Literature and Coordinator for the Film Studies minor at APSU. She is the faculty sponsor for the event and invites students to attend upcoming sessions.

“Expect to get your socks blown off! [Students] will be exposed to a variety of sub-genres within science fiction from horror to cult to silent film,” Franks said.

She says the film program is intended to complement the world film festival her department sponsors in the spring.

Victoria Davis, sophomore English major, attended the last screenings.

“I loved it. I have always loved reading science fiction novels, but I never explored any of the films,” Davis said.

She says that since she stopped getting The Gov Says about what is happening on campus, it is harder for her to stay tuned in and attend events such as these.

“I used to go through it every morning and look for free food other cool things to do. Luckily, I saw a poster for this around campus and decided to just check it out,” Davis said.

Dr. Franks said that the presenters will give background information on the film and ask a few thought-provoking questions to viewers after the screening.

“Various professors on campus selected the films and agreed to introduce them,” she said.

Franks said she encourages students to consider the Film Studies minor as a fun way to expand their horizons and gain a visual literacy they can use in their daily lives and careers.