Governors battled for a win against the Central Arkansas Bears but fell short (16-24) at home field Saturday, Sept. 7. In the first half, neither team was able to sustain any leads.

Sophomore Elijah Shepard was able to recover a punt at the Central Arkansas 41-yard line. In the close of the first half, with only 2:37 remaining in the half, the Bears went down the field and booted a 25-yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead. Governors didn’t let the first half ruin their momentum. Central Arkansas got an early start with a touchdown to give the visitors a 10-0 lead.  JaVaughn Craig gave the Govs 60 yards in eight plays, using up 50 of those on the first-play strike to DeAngelo Wilson, to give Logan Birchfield a 39-yard field goal try that he successfully completed, finally getting the Govs on the board.

On the second play from scrimmage, Craig hit Bankio Harley on a post. Harley broke a tackle and raced to the end zone, perfecting a touchdown for the Govs. This was Harley’s first score of the year. Govs tied the game in just over five minutes of play. Not only did Governors offense start to pick up, but Govs defense also started to take over. James Tobin snuck in on Breylin Smith’s blindside, sacking the Bears quarterback and forcing a fumble that was scooped up by Shaun Whittinghill.

Although Govs didn’t make a lot of movement after picking the ball up, Birchfield sent another kick through the field,  to give the Govs a 13-10 lead. Ending the third quarter, Ahmaad Tanner cleared 24 yards on three carries. Going into the fourth quarter Governors continued to put up a do fight against the Bears. Craig sent a 13-yard pass to Keenan Barnes for a Governor’s touchdown but unexpectedly, the play was flagged for illegal information resulting in Birchfield field goal. Bears retook the lead following the field goal.

Central Arkansas took the ball with 2:39 left in the game and in three plays, the Bears had found the end-zone.With 1:42 left into the game Govs were determined to make a move to save the game. Craig was thrown in a tough spot but on fourth-and-three, he completed a wild nine-yarder to Harley to keep hope alive. With not enough time left into the game, the Central Arkansas Bears were able to leave Governor’s territory with a win. Coach Hudspeth speaks to regarding the quarterback change, “I think it being such a quick, sudden change, it had an effect. We had to get a feel for what we thought he could do.”  Luckily, the Governors season doesn’t stop there as they go to take on Mercer Univesity in Macon, Georgia this Saturday, Sept. 14.