» Letter to the Editor by Joseph johnson

Like many people, I grew up watching football. I love the game and what it brings. Understanding this, I have a deep concern for what’s going on with our football team.

During the week of homecoming, a lot of time and money was spent decorating.

I talked with many others about what we thought was a waste of money and why. If our football team played 100 percent every game and still lost, they would have my full support.

During this season, however, players were walking off the field, laughing on the sideline while down two touchdowns and, in one case, a player was upset with the poor play calling and yelled to the stands that they just threw on three downs.

Our problems with the team seem very fixable, and ask any vet, they would coach the team for free.

I watched a lot of APSU teams and I can honestly say the softball team is the greatest effort team we have along with soccer, volleyball and mens’ baseball.

All of these teams are playoff contenders. We should not waste money building a new stadium for the football team that does not perform. Granted, we don’t have a big name team, but if you’re going to lose, why not make the other team earn it?

The 40-0 APSU win on the front cover made a lot of people laugh because it seemed like it was surreal.

I would like to see the paper do a poll on what APSU students think of the football team and a coach who understands the importance of discipline on the team. TAS