Dr. Timothy Winters high-fives The Gov after being pied in the face. Photo by Ralph Acosta | THE ALL STATE

Over a steaming cup of Mexican hot chocolate, Fall Festival attendees painted delicate sugar skulls and enjoyed Mexican pastries. Music filled the room as people played cornhole, colored fall-themed pages and decorated cookies. 

Meanwhile, people lined up outside to receive free meals, courtesy of Gray Smoke Barbecue, and smashed pumpkins with metal bats.

The Student Organization Council and the Govs Programming Council organized the event, held Nov. 2 from 6-8 p.m. in the Memorial Health Red Barn. Several student organizations set up tables with fall-themed activities to promote their organization.

Attendees could pay a few dollars to pie APSU staff members Dr. Leonard Clemons and Dr. Timothy Winters with shaving cream. The Gov visited the festival to participate in this Pie the Peayple activity. 

The Latino Community Resource Center staffed a table celebrating the Day of the Dead. A community altar, decorated with candles, flowers, and photos of loved ones, sat in the center. Visitors were encouraged to participate in the festivities and learn about the Mexican holiday. 

Criminal justice student Caleb Sturkey and political science student Caroline Hetru spent the night enjoying the festival with their friends. According to Sturkey, he heard about the event from the flyers and was drawn in by the free food. His highlight of the night was the cake walk, where people competed to win a small cake. 

Hetru said she found out about the Fall Festival through Peay Mobile and was intrigued by the activities. Her favorite parts of the festival were the provided barbecue, drinks and candy apples. 

Both attendees agreed that the event was something they would recommend to their peers in the future.