2010 was a long time ago.

2010: the year when Simon Cowell left American Idol, the movie “Alice In Wonderland” premiered, and One Direction was formed. Lots of things have happened in this decade and the world has gone through a lot of changes since then. 

The music scene during this decade was full of amazing albums. But what really makes an album great? There are many different attributes that go into picking the best one. The listener has to take into account the way the music sounds, what genre it is and of course how it makes them feel.

For an album to be considered great it must be relatable, come from true feelings and not just be unemotional, it should be unique and there should be a larger group of people who are interested in it. If an album does not have some of these characteristics it probably will not do well with the general public.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion on what the best album of the decade was.

“My favorite album of the decade is “You’re Gonna Miss It All” by Modern Baseball and the reason why is because I think the album has really great contrast and like you know slow melodic sad stuff and like even party music you know,” Tyrell Williams, a third-year music education major, said. “You can pretty much turn on the album in any situation and you can have a good time.”

While Carleigh Jefferson, a junior vocal major, on the other hand, said, “The Big Trouble” by The Big Trouble. I like how they incorporate both worlds of classically trained musicians through percussion and then they bring in pop trained musicians through vocals.” 

Other opinions come from junior vocal major Morgan Dye.

“My favorite album of the decade is probably the ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack because of the mix of culture that they use in the music,” Dye said.

For the more heavy, rock area of music, fans of this genre express interest in those albums.

”It would be the new Periphery album that just came out because I like metal,” Noah Newsome, a sophomore music major said. 

Coming up with just one greatest album is basically impossible, but that’s fine because no one is the same.

This decade has had some great albums and some bad ones, however music during this decade has been influential and amazing no matter what album it is on. Every artist makes their music for a reason and that is all that matters.