» By LORI PERKINS – lperkins@my.apsu.edu

The Halloween Percussion Ensemble was performed on Friday, Oct. 28., in the MMC. The concert featured David Steinquest, professor of percussion, along with musicians who played tambourine, xylophone, drums and more.

The event featured Voodoo themed songs and musical sets from “The Illusionist” and the Disney classic “Fantasia,” which was displayed on a screen as the musicians played along.

President Tim Hall also celebrated his birthday and greeted guests before the show. “I’m expecting the same wonderful show. This is one of the best performances of the school year. I have my wife and daughter as my dates.”

In 1985, David Steinquest started a small, comedy/concert act where musicians would play percussion instruments. Back then, the audience had to wear a costume.

Now, 26 years later, costumes are not mandatory and the event has grown into two shows, so everyone can attend. Every year a new act is performed, and every year the concert is sold out.

The auditorium was filled to capacity with APSU students, faculty, staff and Clarksville community members, many wore costumes.

Steinquest dressed up as a long, gray-haired wizard who conducted the musicians, and interacted with the audience along with his assistant.

A popular act this year was the “Harry Potter” themed performance. “I think I try to make it fun and interactive,” Steinquest said.

In between acts, as the musicians changed the positions of the instruments, the wizard and his “assistant” humored the crowd with silly magic tricks.

For Erica Smith, it was her first performance in the ensemble. “It’s cool when we interact with the audience and to see the kids’ face[s].”

All of the musicians wore costumes and the auditorium was fully decorated in Halloween fashion.

The mood was colorful, the sounds were melodic and the enthusiasm of the performers thrilled the crowd and left them in awe. “I absolutely loved it. It was amazing, I would see it any day,” said student Jessica Imler. TAS