Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has begun exploring privatization options aiming to optimize the efficiency of state-funded organizations like universities and prisons.

This would affect college students because it would make personal contact with business offices on campus harder to receive.

A facilities management outsourcing request for information showed Haslam’s plans would privatize many state jobs and services including higher education, safety and emergency teams, hospitals, military and Tennessee State parks.

A timetable obtained by WTVF-TV shows officials planned to take the next step within days of the Friday, Aug. 21 deadline for responses to a request for information from potential vendors.

According to the timetable, officials were to begin work on a request for qualifications on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

That request is how the state would pick which companies could bid on the contracts, which would be signed Aug. 1, 2016.

With the privatization of these state organizations, Haslam aims to lower costs associated with many operations in the state, have centralized places of business and have solutions that are flexible enough to work with the state.

APSU’s staff senate is holding a meeting Wednesday, Sept. 2. Haslam’s privatization plans are on the agenda for the meeting.