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Rap is weird and it’s only getting weirder

Rap and hip-hop are genres that are still fairly young compared to their more storied predecessors. Tracing roots back to 1979 to Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” rap and hip-hop as genres have a history spanning at least three decades. Evolving out of the era when black artists like Little Richard were covered by white artists ...

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Music to drink gin or espresso to

Oh indie, how I adore and hate you at the same time. You provide me a grand listening experience, but sometimes breed fans who glorify your artists for being unknown. Taylor Swift said it best when she said that thing about indie records in “We are never getting back together.” Actually, that’s a ...

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VNYL: the Netflix of vinyl

Record subscription services are now a thing, and a pretty popular thing, too. Vinyl records have some of the most voracious and loyal fans conceivable, and these record subscription services’ existence is evidence of that. And I’m here to highlight one of the these services in particular: VNYL. VNYL is a record ...

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Kanye is still a jerk, Beck is super boring and Sam Smith basically won the Grammys

The Grammys were this past Sunday, and they didn’t completely suck. Given that I am required to be pretentious about music by profession, I wasn’t planning on watching the Grammys, a program devoted to all things mainstream that we hipsters abhor. But professionalism means doing what you should do on days ...

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Take it from me, I read stuff on the internet

I know that when it comes to reading about music online, #PluggedIn is your #first #choice, but it’s good to get a variety of viewpoints on a subject when you’re forming your own opinions. After all, getting opinions on music or any other topic from one source would be like… ...

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The good, the bad and the ugly

Cover art is one of the most important aspects of an album, and it doesn’t even directly relate to the music itself. There have been a handful of times where I’ve bought or downloaded an album strictly because of how visually striking or ridiculous the cover art was. So I made ...

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