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Intro to the GOP

» Kristin Kittell – kkittell@my.apsu.edu Mitt Romney As former Governor of Massachusetts, Romney implemented a healthcare plan that became the model for the National plan passed during Obama’s first term. The plan worked for Massachusetts, but it won’t win him any friends in the GOP if Democrats continue to harp ...

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Facebook changes, user distress here to stay

» Justin Hasty – jhasty4@my.apsu.edu With its blue logo and simple networking features, Facebook had become prolific in our new information age. Love it or hate it, people with and without profiles know of it and have become familiar with it, coining a new phrase, “Facebook me.” Users get a ...

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Media lights torch of justice

»KRISTIN KITTELL – kkittell@my.apsu.edu A beautiful American student, overwhelming in brightness and naiveté, chose to study abroad in Italy – a privilege all but promised to university students with both the ambition and means. She was likely encouraged to do so, seduced by the illustrious Italian countryside and the prospect ...

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Women’s sports take a beating in a man’s world

»Theresa Rogers – trogers11@my.apsu.edu When it comes to sports, it’s a man’s way, or it’s the highway. From every aspect, including funding, advertising, and programming schedules, women’s sports have forever been pushed behind the rest, no matter the skill level. As an avid sports lover and a past athlete, sports ...

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Future parents spread love by considering adoption

»Jenelle Grewell – jgrewell@my.apsu.edu Many college students are starting to think about what they want to do with their lives after they graduate. They are considering options like moving away, getting started in a career and starting a family. Whenever I speak to my fellow students about starting a family ...

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