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This semester, The All State is seeing a lot of good staff members graduating or moving on to bigger things.

As editor-in-chief it can be hard on me not only because I am seeing valuable staff members leave but also because I am seeing people I have made real connections with leave and it hasn’t gotten any easier in the five years I have been working here.

Despite the sadness I may feel about staff members graduating, I am more excited about the idea of them learning from their experience here in Student Publications and using it in their future careers. Several of our graduating seniors are going to use the skills and experience that they have learned down here in their future careers.

Sean Atkins, our current Sports Editor, is getting a job as sports columnists and film critic at a website run out of New York City.

He said the relationships he has developed, how to release information, appropriate news coverage and how to write for a bigger audience are all skills that will be beneficial to him in his new job.

“Working down here can open up an endless number of possibilities for anywhere to write in the future,” Atkins said.

Brian Bigelow, our graduating Managing Editor, said he hopes to go into print journalism, and he has learned how to write and edit articles and what it is like to work in a newsroom.

“Working at The All State was a great privilege and opportunity that enriched my college experience and prepared me for a future career in journalism,” he said.

“I was able to meet and work with a great group of people, and I will remember my tenure at The All State fondly.”

Dalwin Cordova, our graduating Assistant News Editor, said he has learned a lot about photography such as photojournalistic values and how to use program such as Photoshop.

Our graduating News Editor, Philip Sparn said the layout skills and organizational skills he has learned down here would be beneficial to him. “I have learned good communication skills that could be applied to any jobs but especially in the media,” he said.

Josh Vaughn, our graduating photo editor, is starting a job at a public relations/marketing firm. He said his experience down here as Photo Editor has helped him to learn how to trust in staff members and delegating assignments. “I do have a bad habit of taking on too much and [this experience] will help in a job situation down the road in asking for help like if I am ever in a group project,” he said.

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Working down in Student Publications offers skills for almost anyone looking to do anything with their careers.

There are obvious benefits to working in Student Publications if you are communications major.

You get real experience, résumé  building and portfolio additions that contribute to your ability to get a job after graduation.

However, working at The All State isn’t just for communication majors. There are a lot of benefits to working down here such as being in a professional environment, teamwork, organization skills, leadership and many more skills that are needed when pursing a career.

I hope that anyone who decides to work for Student Publications gains valuable experience that can be used in their future. We are not only the student newspaper of APSU but we are valuable learning tool for students who want to gain specific skills.