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Presidential candidate, public advocate scrapping FEMA

» Justin Hasty – jhasty4@my.apsu.edu When hurricanes Irene and Katrina ravaged the Gulf and East Coasts, the damage was immense. Homes were destroyed, trees were obliterated and whole areas were left without water or power. In these situations, the people living in these areas turned to the Federal Emergency Management ...

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Division in government cripples political progress

»Jenelle Grewell – jgrewell@my.apsu.edu Donkey or elephant? Left or right? Liberal or Conservative? Democrat or Republican? Our country is politically divided between Democrats and Republicans, and it has been since the 19th century. There is an obvious glaring problem with this divide. Most things in life are not black and ...

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Democrat, Republican political options work for American greater good

»Ashlie Talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu When our forefathers founded this country, there was agreement that political parties would have no place in the United States. They were harmful to public interest, they brought about loyalties to one’s party over loyalty to the greater good, and they all but compromised everything they ...

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President Hall addresses the value of free speech

» TIM HALL- President Last week, a speaker from outside the university community made the appropriate arrangements to speak on our campus in an area specifically designated for this kind of speech. He was a religious preacher, and, from reports I have received, angered and offended more than a few ...

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Nursing home residents fall victim to abuse, neglect

» ASHLIE TALLEY – atalley2@my.apsu.edu Recently, The Leaf Chronicle published an article involving a woman indicted on charges of abuse and neglect of a special needs patient over whom she was put in charge. Authorities say the patient was left unattended for an unknown amount of time. The patient’s face ...

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