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Major restaurant chains not friendly to health conscious patrons

» Jenelle Grewell jgrewell@my.apsu.edu Our society is obsessed with food. Whether it’s cooking food, eating food or watching television shows about food, we seem to revolve our lives around it. Even if a person is a health nut, he or she still bears an obsession with what goes into his ...

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Mayor McMillan fails to keep religion out of office

» Kristin Kittell kkittell@my.apsu.edu A religious Mayor leads the city of Clarksville. Though this is probably not the most groundbreaking news, her ability to separate her religion from her public office job has recently come into question, according to a petition circulating on www.change.org. The petition, which has garnered 111 ...

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10,000 young leaders attend Power Shift D.C. rally

Gregory Jones | Staff Writer Over 10,000 young leaders descended on the nation’s capital this month in support of a clean energy future, including a large number of students from Tennessee, at this year’s Power Shift. While APSU could have committed to a greater presence, I think it was just ...

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11-year-old Texas girl accused of inciting own rape

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor In November 2010, in the small town of Cleveland, Texas, an 11-year-old-girl was allegedly lured into the car of a 19-year-old man, taken to an abandoned trailer and sexually assaulted by him and others. From there, she was taken to a nearby home and ...

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French veil ban sparks outcry, questions over Muslim equality

Kaila Sewell | Staff Writer Recently, the French government unveiled the world’s first ban on facial covering in public places, and despite a great deal of uprise from the Muslim community, they have begun enforcing this law. The French have said they feel this ban is necessary to protect French ...

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Follow the ‘Zombieland’ guide to acing the finals

Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer As finals week looms around the corner, most students are finding themselves running on fumes, if not broken down and stripped for parts. You may feel like a zombie, dragging your mangled body to class while muttering something about brains. Unfortunately, many scholarships and summer ...

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