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2011 withdrawal from Iraq planned prior to Obama

»Ashlie Talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu When an idea is formed, the person responsible for the idea should get the credit. For someone else to take credit for another person’s work is immoral by our society’s standards. However, it seems to be ok by everybody’s standards President Obama gets the credit for ...

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Honoring veterans reduces post-war depression

» Letter to the Editor by Don McCasland As we near Veterans Day 2011, it brings mixed emotions for me. The day is always filled with things like flags, parades and other outward and very public signs of thanks for veterans. Of course that’s a good thing I appreciate, but ...

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American vote keeps link in church, state

»Ashlie Talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu We live in this country under the acknowledgement people are different from each other and think differently from each other as well. We also acknowledge we all have the inalienable right to our own thoughts and opinions and that is why we are people based on ...

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Intro to the GOP

» Kristin Kittell – kkittell@my.apsu.edu Mitt Romney As former Governor of Massachusetts, Romney implemented a healthcare plan that became the model for the National plan passed during Obama’s first term. The plan worked for Massachusetts, but it won’t win him any friends in the GOP if Democrats continue to harp ...

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