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Slashing HOPE jeopardizes the future

» Trynica daniels – tdaniels8@my.apsu.edu As many APSU students know, the HOPE Lottery scholarship is available to all students in the state of Tennessee. It provides $4,000 per year for four years of college. The criteria is simple: to gain eligibility, the student must be a Tennessee resident and either ...

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Studios jump on 3-D bandwagon

» Ronniesia Reed – rreed24@my.apsu.edu I am sure just about everyone has noticed the new trend of re-releasing movies in 3-D. Disney movies are the center of this trend with movies like “The Lion King,” “Up” and “Toy Story,” all being re-released to theaters in a 3-D format. If it’s ...

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Abortion ads, football don’t mix

» Trynica Daniels – tdaniels8@my.apsu.edu »The Super Bowl is traditionally a time for American families to sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacle of a football game that causes heated passion no matter which side you’re rooting for. But for some of the viewing audience, especially those less sports-inclined, the ...

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Supreme Court overturns California slaughterhouse law

»Ashlie Talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu Last week in a unanimous vote, the Supreme Court overturned a California state law to control the amount of abuse and mistreatment of factory raised animals for slaughter. According to a CNN article, although several judges acknowledged the benefits of the state’s actions, they disapproved of ...

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School systems silence Homosexuality

Trymica Daniels »Gay. It is a word that, over the course of history and especially in recent years, has sparked both controversy and revolution. Last year, a piece of Tennessee legislation called SB0049 — nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — was passed in the state Senate, sponsored by Stacey ...

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SOPA opponents disregard laws already in place

»Ashlie Talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu Lately, there have been a lot of people talking about a new House bill is currently considering. The SOPA, or Stop Online Piracy Act, was designed to combat online piracy. The goal itself is not bad, but it’s met quite a bit of backlash for its ...

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