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Republicans fail to find 2012 contender

» Kristin Kittell – kkittell@my.apsu.edu Like a bad game of middle school dodgeball, it looks like sides will once again be unevenly divided for the 2012 Presidential Election. The jocks get the charismatic all-star while the underdogs have been left with the chess team. With the House of Representatives so ...

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People who pass judgment run risk of karma

»Ashlie Talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu Judging and being judged are unavoidable aspects of life. People will always have opinions about the actions and decisions of others While everybody finds it offensive to be judged, they are constantly judging others themselves. Interesting as this may be, what’s even more interesting is we ...

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APSU Football team turns off fans with unprofessional behavior

» Letter to the Editor by Joseph johnson Like many people, I grew up watching football. I love the game and what it brings. Understanding this, I have a deep concern for what’s going on with our football team. During the week of homecoming, a lot of time and money ...

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Black Friday deals bring out worst in American shoppers, overshadow Christian values

» Kristin Kittell | kkittell@my.apsu.edu The Thanksgiving holiday is finally upon us. Many students are preparing to vacate the halls of APSU to travel home to see their families. Others will stay with friends to feast on Domino’s pizza and Pepsi. Either way, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time for ...

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Restaurant servers ask for appreciation

»Branon Jaggers – bjaggers1@my.apsu.edu It’s been a horrible day. You just got off work after being screamed at by your boss’ hand-fed son who thinks he owns the world. Now you’re out with your family and your kid won’t stop throwing his sippy cup across the restaurant because, for some ...

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‘Jerks’ snag great girls by faking admirable qualities

»Ashlie Talley – atalley2@my.apsu.edu “Why do jerks always seem to finish first?” If you ask any guy, he’ll tell you being a jerk to a girl will 100 percent of the time, hands down make her like you. This is not the case in the least. Plenty of girls prefer, ...

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