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Energy efficiency on campus to save budget millions

Gregory Jones | Staff Writer My time here has spanned most of the last decade, so I feel comfortable discussing the university’s actions in regards to conservation and remain assured I am not narrowly selecting a small sample of its history. The university’s energy efficiency has been outdated for the ...

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Tennessee House votes on children’s hearing aid coverage despite opposition

Associated Press A substantial majority of the Tennessee House of Representatives stood up to the bullying tactics of a powerful lobby this week and supported Tennessee children who need hearing aids. The 82-12 vote on a bill mandating reasonable provisions for children’s hearing aid coverage in individual and group health ...

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Proposed Tenn. bill looks to ban teaching of evolution

Associated Press The laws of Tennessee seldom pass unanimously through the chambers of the General Assembly. Debate and differing viewpoints are the lifeblood of the legislative process. However, when a piece of legislation is so distorted in fact, so misleading in its intent, and so fraught with the potential to ...

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Earth Day great opportunity for students to get involved

Gregory Jones | Staff Writer This year, Earth Week at APSU will include a series of events for interested students. These events will engage students in environmentally beneficial activities which will help demonstrate student commitment to making the university green. I have been encouraging students to participate in Earth Week ...

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Sexual assault impacts campuses across US

Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor For a university, reputation is everything. If it is not capable of producing well-rounded, intelligent and socially aware individuals, it loses credibility. For this reason, I am amazed a school like Yale University would still produce students who, according to NPR, would chant the ...

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