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Letter to the Editor

Secular Humanist group attends Reason Rally in D.C.

» BRYAN TIDWELL Last week I was lucky enough to travel with a group of APSU students and several citizens from the local community to participate in the Reason Rally. With official attendance estimates upwards of 10,000, the Reason Rally was easily the largest secular event in history. On Saturday, ...

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Biased abortion bill violates privacy

» CALEB TATE This note is in reference to the article published on February 29 entitled “Gay-Straight Alliance petition students against Chick-fil-A.” I found it an interesting article, yet I was left confused as to the purpose. The article seemed to boycott the restaurant chain due to its contribution to ...

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Kony 2012: Where is your money going?

» JOSEPH JOHNSON In response to an article in the latest issue of The All State, I have some deep concerns I hope somebody can address. When I read the title implying Chick-Fil-A is discriminative and gives money to organizations that are discriminating, my first thought was they give money ...

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