»Joseph Vallely

Barack Obama and Willard Romney are not baptized Christians, asserts this former Roman Catholic seminarian.

Neither man has been baptized by a sacramentally baptized person such as a priest. Only a sacramentally baptized individual can validly administer the holy sacrament of baptism.

Since Romney and Obama have not been sacramentally baptized, they are not authentic Christians. Does it matter?

A Hebrew, Muslim or Hindu cannot perform a baptism nor can a Mormon because they have not been sacramentally baptized.

Catholic theology teaches that baptism leaves an indelible imprint on the soul as original sin is “washed away.”

Original sin was committed by disloyal Adam and Eve. Original sin blinds the moral vision of the soul and prevents entry into heaven.

The light of baptism dissolves the darkness of original sin. Jesus declared those who refuse to be baptized “will be condemned.”

Baptism activates the conscience. The conscience provides absolute moral certitude because it is the infallible counsel of the Holy Spirit, the advocate of truth.

The consciences of the presidential politicians have not been enlightened by baptism.

These Harvard-indoctrinated candidates rely exclusively on reason to make decisions with moral implications. Reason is amoral.

Using amoral reason, Romney and Obama formulate immoral policies regarding war, marriage, abortion, divorce, contraception, the death penalty and other moral issues.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are not Christians. They are apostate heretics.

Pray for the restoration of a sacramentally-baptized and consecrated Christian king who will govern as Christ would rule.