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Give back more this Christmas

Red and green glitter leaks from every pore in your body when the Christmas season starts. The lights, trees and presents make you excited about things that do not truly matter in the overall scheme of life. It is that wonderful time of year again. The bright lights and the ...

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SGA suggests removal of 3-a-day meal plan limit

Steven Prescott | Staff Writer SGA passed a vote that could change APSU’s academic calendar. Resolution No. 4 Calls for the Office of the Registrar to make adjustments aligning the university’s Spring Break with the Clarksville-Montgomery School System. Sen. Lane Manley challenged the decision and told colleagues that it would ...

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Self Care

With working full-time, being a full-time a student, and having social life, at times it’s hard to understand that you need some things for yourself. It’ss easy to spread yourself thin and hard to understand when you’re doing it. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, OCD, or nothing at all, ...

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Writing a rockin’ resume

College is stressful; you spend 4 years, 1460 days going to school attending classes that are pinpointed to a career field you desire to one day be a part of. You rock every midterm and every final to one day find yourself face to face with a piece of paper ...

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Budgeting Like a Boss

College is a crazy time, and over the span of months, it becomes a magic trick where the main act is called, “Where did my money go?” You work 20 to 30 hours a week and spend the rest of your time in classes or studying for that upcoming exam. ...

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It’s that time of year again

Autumn is beautiful. You can get into your car and drive down the street glancing around at how lovely the trees are, how they gleam with yellows and orange. It’s the time of year when you shimmy your way into black skinny jeans and a fall-colored oversized sweater as you ...

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