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Let’s just say … everyone around you is turning 21

Perks of having a late birthday: You’re the last of your friends to get wrinkles. Downside of having a late birthday: You’re the last one of your friends to turn 21. I’ve known this was coming my whole life. I’ve always been the baby in my friend group, and i’ve ...

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Let’s just say … you’re growing up

Let’s just say … you’re growing up. I didn’t write a blog last weeks. Sorry guys. It’s not because I don’t love you all dearly, it’s because I had a billion and one things do and no way of keeping up with them all. I’m a junior and I just kicked ...

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Let’s just say … you want to have an opinion

The business of giving advice is tricky. The adviser must have had enough trials and tribulations to be jaded, but also enough victories to be hopeful. Let’s say I’m a pro. Let’s just say … you want to have an opinion.   I come from a strongly Republican family. I was ...

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Let’s say … you’re on vacation.

Most of you have figured it out by now, but in case you’re just oblivious: College is different. Everything about it is completely opposite to the real world. Ramen and Reese’s cups count as a four-star meal, getting to bed by 2 a.m. is early, and leggings can be anything from running ...

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