Last week was filled with Govs Programming Council events.

If you were anywhere on campus it was pretty hard not to notice the fun activities going on in and around the Morgan University Center.

The GPC promoted a comedy group native to Nashville, Tennessee by bringing them to campus for a very fun show.

On Thursday at 8P.M. the members of the Third Coast Comedy Club began their debut in the Clement Auditorium.

If you were not in attendance Thursday, you truly missed out.

This show was one to remember.

The group made up of three male characters, two female characters and one gifted keyboard player brought a thrilling improv show to campus.

The Third Coast Comedy Club caught the attention and amusement of the audience by ultimately giving them free reign to do whatever they wanted.

The decisions characters made were mostly guided by audience members.

The first routine began by the audience picking movements and lines for the actors to say and do during the scene.

The actors would then complete these actions and fill in the missing pieces to create an actual storyline.

This was captivating due to the fact the audience got them to do bizarre things such as ‘sad twerking’ and ‘happy fighting’.

The actors involved made the scene work surprisingly well which shows how experienced in improv they truly are.

There were several other scenes throughout the show that got the same wild laughter and applause from the audience.

Not very many students in the audience had participated in plays before, so there was definitely something special about this show that made it a crowd favorite.

The defining detail of their technique that really got the crowd excited was that they broke the fourth wall.

It is a rarity in acting that actors interact with the audience during the scenes of a show, but this particular show was completely participation-based.

They even got two students to join them onstage during a scene.

Overall, this show was a success for all members of GPC especially for sophomore, Cinema and Performing Arts Chair, Anaia McLester who hosted the event.

Be sure to look for upcoming GPC events especially for Halloween and homecoming. So far, their events this semester have all been consecutive hits.