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My thoughts on lawsuit against The Weather Channel

There was major weather-related news that came up recently, and it was about $125 million lawsuit against The Weather Channel, according to BBC News. There was more to the lawsuit itself. First of all, three storm chasers were killed in a collision in Spur, Texas on March 28, 2017. Two ...

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EF4 or EF5? Personal thoughts on controversy

Last week, I discussed some interesting examples of violent (EF-4/5) tornadoes, and I am going over them again for a different reason. This time, some cases will be explored a bit in regards to controversy with whether a tornado in question should be rated EF4 or 5. Before going further, ...

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Not all ‘violent’ tornadoes are monsters

One of the curious things I have encountered is Americans’ fascination into tornadoes is that tornadoes are virtually present in so many works of American literature, films, art and history. It makes sense in a way since an average of roughly 1,000 tornadoes occurred yearly in the United States while ...

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Let the TV meteorologists do their jobs

One recent incident I came across that I wanted to address was from last Wednesday and early Thursday morning, when raining showers and storms by the stalled warm front dumped 3 to 7 inches of rain at and around Nashville metro areas, according to an estimation from NWS Nashville. Two ...

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Reflection on AMS 99th Annual Conference Part 3: Purposes of Conference

After covering last summer’s project, misadventures and fun experiences, what was the point of presenting the whole summer as a poster in the conference? That was one way students and scientists in that field shared knowledge to other students and professionals. As scientists, we do research on our subject, collect ...

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