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Galaxy Quest

You kids out there may not remember a little movie called Galaxy Quest, but in 1999 it was kind of a big deal. The movie stars Tim Allen, bear with me, and Sigourney Weaver. Essentially the movie is about the cast of a long-since-cancelled campy sci-fi show who get wrapped up ...

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Let us not burn our aliens

Though interstellar space travel seems like a distant dream and our abilities to contact alien life are limited, we still must prepare ourselves for the likelihood of contact. If I had any marketable skills other than high thumb dexterity from video games and an ability to read for, like, hours on ...

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Robot apocalypse

How humanity will end is a hotly debated topic. Some say fire, some say ice, sure. I think, however, we will be destroyed by robots. That’s right: I’m automatonophobic. I hate those jerks and their stupid, mechanical brains. That term isn’t entirely accurate, however; I may have an irrational fear of ...

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