Ashley Thompson | Features Writer

Reading minds and floating tables sounds impossible. At “Experiencing the Extraordinary” on Saturday, Sept. 10, it did not appear that way.

Craig Karges, named campus entertainer of the year six times by the National Association for Campus Activities, performed a magician’s show as part of the Govs Programming Council’s Family Weekend at APSU. The Clement Auditorium was filled with students and families coming to see the show.

According to his website, Karges has made over 5,000 appearances in 22 countries.

Karges performed a set of magic tricks, both physical and mental, and interacted with volunteers throughout the show.

“I love doing Family Weekend because it’s a mix of an audience. You’ve got parents, younger siblings, and the college grade students so it’s a nice blend and mix. Plus I like to see families together,” Karges said.

Some of the show’s tricks involved family members participating together.

“I thought it was so cool. It was like ‘What’s happening? What’s happening?’ It was so great,” Ashley Flower, a dual-enrollment student and freshman statistics major, said. “My favorite part was when he asked my friend about the phone number because I thought he was going to say my whole phone number out loud.”

Both students and families got to participate in Karges’ tricks. Some of these tricks involved reading minds or moving a table without touching it.

The “Experience the Extraordinary” show is about “using your brain, which is the greatest source of technology,” Karges said.

The tricks in the show were not supposed to create belief in something, but show the power of the mind through concentration, according to Karges.

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I started performing for colleges when I was in college and it has just stuck since then,” Karges said.