If you have searched and still find yourself not knowing what to watch, netflixroulette.net can help you pick. The website randomizes the entire Netflix library and picks something for you. You can adjust the rating of movies that it shows and add filters like “Director’s name,” “Actor’s name” and “keyword.”


I decided to give it a spin for this week’s reviews. I left it as random as possible, with no keywords and ratings showing between one and five. Here are the three films I was given.


“All This Mayhem” – This is a skateboarding documentary about two brothers from Australia. They help define how people skate now with such raw talent that they defeat Tony Hawk and win the International World Championship in just one year. Soon, drugs start to take over, and the audience sees the effects of this lifestyle firsthand. It is a powerful documentary, and I would give it a perfect score if I were a critic. Netflix Roulette didn’t let me down with the first choice.


“Turner And Hooch” – OK, I got a late-80s Tom Hanks movie. I remember Turner and Hooch from when I was a kid, and it brought back some good memories, but, overall, I say you could skip it. Hanks plays a detective with a dog as his sidekick. I don’t know if this wants to be a kids’ movie or not. The comedy says, “Yes,” but the action and drama say, “No.”


“Twice Born” – This was the last spin for this week, and boy, was it bad. This is a wartime love story that just leaves you confused. And when you finally figure it out, you’re just let down. “Turner and Hooch” was a better love story. My advice would be to skip this one, too, and try again.


Out of three spins, I found one really good movie and two bad ones. In my opinion, that’s not bad at all, considering how many awful movies there are on Netflix. This may also help you find movies you never even knew existed on Netflix, and you may find a new favorite.

So go spin and get watching, and may the luck of the spin be with you.

Until next week, Netflixers.