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Countdown to Geek Media Expo

Nashville’s own Geek Media Expo is fast approaching, hitting middle Tennessee with games, guests and geekdom galore from October 28-30.

GMX is presented by the same parent organization that annually brings the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, the largest anime convention in the south, to Nashville. This will be GMX’s 8th year, as an opportunity for congoers to have all the fun of MTAC in October if they can’t make it up to Nashville over Easter weekend.


GMX’s official press release is as follows:

The Geek Media Expo (GMX), Nashville’s Multi-Fandom Exposition, kicks off its eighth year this Halloween weekend for a weekend-long extravaganza encompassing all things geek. GMX serves as a celebration of pop culture, covering such diverse categories as art, animation, comics, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, tabletop gaming, costuming and props, video gaming, science and technology, internet culture, genre literature, alternative histories, and more. The event features a spectacular mix of celebrity guests, artists, industry professionals, feature events, professional sp’eakers, fan discussion panels, workshops, Q&A sessions, vendors, contests and more. Notable guests for the event include “Steven Universe” star Zach Callison; actress/singer-songwriter Olivia Olson (Marceline the Vampire Queen from “Adventure Time”); animator and improve extraordinaire Sketch MacQuinor (“Squidbillies”); table-top game designer Robert J. Schwalb (“Dungeons & Dragons,” “A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying,” “Shadow of the Demon Lord”); storyboard artist Robert Lamb (“He-Man,” “She-Ra,” “Darkwing Duck”); code-breaker and game developer Elonka Dunin, and more! GMX has crafted a unique brand of programming for the entire weekend, including the convention’s signature event “Geek Slam” – an improve insult battle between beloved fictional characters. The event also hosts the largest costume contest in Nashville for Halloween, 24-hour table-top and video gaming, robot battles, and dozens of hours of unique presentations throughout the weekend. GMX Vol. 8 takes place October 28-30, 2016 at the Sheraton Music City hotel in Nashville, TN. Pre-registration for the full weekend is discounted online. Walk-in registration will be $50 for all three days. More information can be found at geekmediaexpo.com.

The Geek Media Expo is an annual exposition and social conference dedicated to popular arts and nerd culture, presented as an educational, multi-media experience with industry guests, professionals, and fan enthusiast alike coming together to share their knowledge and passion in our collective interests.

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