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Let us not burn our aliens

Though interstellar space travel seems like a distant dream and our abilities to contact alien life are limited, we still must prepare ourselves for the likelihood of contact. If I had any marketable skills other than high thumb dexterity from video games and an ability to read for, like, hours on ...

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Roleplay games explained

Whenever I’m inclined to tell someone I roleplay–which is very rare in non-nerd circles–I usually get the same reaction. “Oh really,” they say with a condescending smile and hair flip, “what, do you run around casting spells?” No. No, I don’t. Roleplaying is pretty misunderstood by the general public, and ...

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Nerdy for Newbies: Animation

This is quite possibly my last Nerdy for Newbies, considering I’m running out of modes of nerdiness. I mean, there are books, but these days the mere act of reading is considered nerdy. This one might possibly be the most important of them all, however, because cartoons are usually where ...

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Joss Whedon doesn’t need your guff

Just recently, Joss Whedon deleted his Twitter, and there was this huge deal about it being because militant feminist got on his case. They’ve been getting onto him about Black Widow not having a big enough part in  Avengers: Age of Ultron, among other ridiculous things, but that’s not true. ...

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What your gaming role says about you

There are several roles you can fill in gaming, and every one of them says a little something about you. I’ll lay it all out for you here. The Sniper Anyone who has ever played multiplayer, especially online, has the experience burned into their brain: You’re running along, minding your ...

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