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Games, Galaxies, and Other Geekery


Zombies have really taken over our culture as of late, haven’t they? We have a cultural zombie apocalypse on our hands, and we’re all ‘getting turned.’ Right now it seems zombies are everywhere, from television series like “The Walking Dead” or “iZombie,” to films like “Pale Bodies” or “World War ...

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The Beginner’s Guide: Worth the Hype?

The Stanley Parable is one of the greatest video games of all time. Some may think that’s a hefty title to claim, but at least it was good enough to spawn a sequel, The Beginner’s Guide, that is quickly gaining a reputation online. The Stanley Parable, published in 2011, has ...

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The Business of Hacking

The word ‘hacker’ often conjures the image of a 30-something year old man, possibly donned in a fedora, hitting away at a computer in his parent’s basement. He’s doing minor things- maybe changing every noun on his school’s website to something vulgar, taking another celebrity’s nude photos, or at the ...

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Heroes of Hyrule

The Legend of Zelda series is so fundamental to modern video game culture that you can ask anyone about it, and chances are, they’ve at least heard of it (even the crowd who thinks the character you play as is Zelda.) Few games can claim to have the draw the ...

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Let us not burn our aliens

Though interstellar space travel seems like a distant dream and our abilities to contact alien life are limited, we still must prepare ourselves for the likelihood of contact. If I had any marketable skills other than high thumb dexterity from video games and an ability to read for, like, hours on ...

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