By: Danielle Hunter

APSU’s Office of Career Services has recently released new job search software called Jobs for Govs. The software helps students apply for jobs and internships and is available through AP OneStop in the “Life” tab.

Jobs for Govs allows students to upload and publish their résumés to the website for potential employers to view.

Jobs for Govs is powered by Experience and is also networked with other schools nationwide and internationally, which enables employers outside Tennessee to contact possible employees. Over 400 employers are featured on Jobs for Govs.

The team behind Jobs for Govs is “very particular” about what employers are allowed access to student information and resumes through the website.

“We get a lot of different employers and they may not all have the best interest of our students, so it’s our desire to uphold the integrity of APSU. In Career Services, we will make sure to the best of our ability that the jobs that come on our site, will benefit the student as a career choice,” said Tamara Bey, Career Services administrative assistant.

APSU alumni are also able to use Jobs for Govs. “Anyone can call and get their OneStop reactivated so you can always have access to that side of APSU as an alumni,” Bey said.

According to Bey and Assistant Director of Career Services Janet Velazquez, this new software will not only help students in getting a job/internship, but also help them to become more acquainted with the job application process.

Career Services offer computers for students to use Jobs for Govs in their office, however if a student needs a walkthrough on the software, personal appointments should be made.

Jobs for Govs makes it easier for Career Services to help students in preparing for the workplace and for applying for jobs/internships, said Velazquez. With this new software, Career Services is now able to focus more attention on bringing employers to campus for students to interact with in person.

“It’s a win-win for both sides because, for the employers, they are able to come in and look at resumes and contact students directly through their resumes. On the other end, with the students, you can go in and start applying for positions and upload your resume, and be proactive. It works better because it cuts out a lot of the time it takes for me to send a resume to them [the employer]. It’s very convenient,” Bey said.

Jobs for Govs also features announcements from Career Services about upcoming events, such as career fairs.

If students are unsure on how to create a résumé, Career Services offers résumé guides and examples on their APSU website. In addition, the Career Services office is able to set up one-on-one appointments with students to go over résumés, give tips/corrections, and even help students who have no idea where to begin with their résumé. Bey also said that the main goal for herself and for Career Services in regards to Jobs for Govs is to make sure every resume uploaded is professional.

If students are interested in more information about Jobs for Govs, contact Career Services at 931-221-6544, e-mail, or visit their office in the UC 210.