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Elena Spradln

Let’s talk about ISIS

By turning away Syrian refugees, the U.S. would be playing into the hands of ISIS's rhetoric of U.S. imperialism and white dominance.

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Students from various universities across the country are now confronting the prevalent racial tension on their own campuses in response to the recent uprising at the University of Missouri, where a group of football players threatened to strike the upcoming football game, causing the university president to resign.

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Think before you pink

Breast cancer has become a huge cash crop for corporations under the guise of being "awareness" campaigns and, at the least the butt of many jokes (a la Save the Tatas) and most a sexualized disease.

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Divided states of America

Rational conversations about race, religion, sexuality and freedom of expression are virtually impossible today without someone being offended. Real debate can't be facilitated until those with hateful rhetoric are weeded out, and while they don't make up the majority of the population, they're the ones with the loudest voices.

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Flame, Nuts, West

Novelty campaigns, like those of Deez Nuts, Kayne West and Waka Flocka Flame, have emerged out of this period of cynicism and deep distrust for elected officials.

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