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Snowmageddon 2015

So, I hear Tennessee has completely shut down because of the snow. The pictures on Facebook of the empty bread shelves at local Krogers really were a nice touch. Washington, D.C., does not handle snow well, either. I’m not sure why, because they have at least three big snows per ...

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Celeste-3 D.C. Metro-1

This week in Washington, I’ve gotten squished in Metro doors and developed a foolproof distraction game while on the train to work to take my mind off the smell and creepy stares of men. I have also neglected to talk about why I am actually here: my internship. 1: Getting smushed. This ...

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Busboys and Poets

This past weekend I ate at one of the most amazing places I’ve found in Washington, D.C., thus far. I am not really sure how I found, it simply because I refused to take the Metro; the train seems to smell worse with every ride. So I opted for the bus that picks ...

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I miss the South

Washington D.C. has been nice so far, but I am totally missing my Southern home. I have not been able to breathe since I arrived here last Wednesday. The sessions have been endless, and learning the Metro has been quite the challenge. I miss my sweet car Regina, but I ...

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